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Monday, June 13, 2016

Automating Everything - Commercial Applications - Part 10

Business applications obviously include a single retailer using exclusive rights to dominate their market and even to branch out into others. Another would be for the exclusive user to provide this resource as a service, to lease the right to use it to others, or simply to sell non-exclusive rights to as many interested retailers as possible. The technology could also be used to leverage other programs. For example, a search engine such as Google or Bing could allow users to search for deliverable goods and note when a link went to the site of a business where they provided this capacity (assuming they owned this technology). For example, the same search engine might note when the searched for “pizza” could be delivered based on the business's proximity, stated delivery guarantee and other factors.

Alternatively, automated delivery could even be integrated into a SIRI, Android or Cortana assistance which could note when selected goods could be delivered immediately, and, depending on how well the accessed retailer’s inventories were integrated into the system, whether the delivery could be arranged at a time and place of the user’s choosing with minimal effort on their part. Given that digital assistants are likely to have the user’s location, verifiable identity, and relevant billing information up and including credit-card numbers, a sufficiently ambitious program might integrate the entire above technology into their seamless services. The digital assistant might take what it knows about the user’s schedule to find a practical time and place to hand off a purchase.

Many of the options listed are specifically of interest to governments, and by extension to those who provide goods and services to governments. Whether as simple as maintaining a vehicle fleet or keeping a watchful eye on asymmetric threats, a host of options present themselves. These markets are immense, and offer the opportunity for asymmetric disruption of existing suppliers, a matter of as much interest for those breaking into them as it is for those just holding their ground.

And at last, the disclaimer at the end...
Nothing in the above description is meant to limit the present invention to any specific materials, geometry, or orientation of elements. Many part/orientation substitutions are contemplated within the scope of the present invention and will be apparent to those skilled in the art. The embodiments described herein were presented by way of example only and should not be used to limit the scope of the invention.

 Although the invention has been described in terms of particular embodiments in an application, one of ordinary skill in the art, in light of the teachings herein, can generate additional embodiments and modifications without departing from the spirit of, or exceeding the scope of, the claimed invention. Accordingly, it is understood that the drawings and the descriptions herein are proffered only to facilitate comprehension of the invention and should not be construed to limit the scope thereof.


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