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Future Imperative

What if technology were being developed that could enhance your mind or body to extraordinary or even superhuman levels -- and some of these tools were already here? Wouldn't you be curious?

Actually, some are here. But human enhancement is an incredibly broad and compartmentalized field. We’re often unaware of what’s right next door. This site reviews resources and ideas from across the field and makes it easy for readers to find exactly the information they're most interested in.


The future is coming fast, and it's no longer possible to ignore how rapidly the world is changing. As the old order changes -- or more frequently crumbles altogether -- I offer a perspective on how we can transform ourselves in turn... for the better. Nothing on this site is intended as legal, financial or medical advice. Indeed, much of what I discuss amounts to possibilities rather than certainties, in an ever-changing present and an ever-uncertain future.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

When Physical Perfection Enhances the Mind -- AL, Bio, Self

A study has found that exercise improves cognitive function. This may come as no surprise to my readers, particularly anyone steeped in common human enhancement techniques, but it's a point worth remembering nonetheless. Perhaps most interesting in the article was the implied attitude that many Americans actually see exercise as vain or irresponsible rather than a wise use of time. Clearly, there are a number of values we'll have to change in this country if we want to bring everyone along with enhancement tech.

Obviously, a tendency to be dismissive of intellectual accomplishment would be another -- and in this era of Major League Sports, probably the harder of the two. =)

Also note, extreme exercise such as marathons may hurt as much as it helps, so unhealthy exercise regimens (or destructive drugs such as steroids) are something to regard warily. I suspect that if your lifestyle supports an overall state of good health, it's probably better for your mind... but check with your doctor on these questions, regardless. And figure out, in particular, what's right for you.

Future Imperative


Blogger Michael Anissimov said...

Hi there Ralph. I really like your blog! I just wanted to complain about one little thing - the title categories. It's distracting when they appear in the subject lines. Perhaps you could put them at the end of your posts, like technorati tags? Or transfer your blog to a service like Typepad or Wordpress that automatically integrates the ability to categorize posts? I'm just sayin', is all. :)

December 06, 2005 9:43 AM  
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